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Ceramic Tile Gold PVD Coating System

Ceramic Tile Gold PVD Coating System: Used for PVD coating on ceramic tiles.
Coating Colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Blue, Gray, Black and Rainbow.
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Product Description

PVD Film Feature

1)Long lasting time

2)Strong adhesion

3)Decorative function

PVD Coating System


PVD Coating Ceramic Tile瓷砖设备3

PVD System Main Parameters

1)Vacuum Chamber Material: Stainless Steel 304

2)Operation Way: Touch Screen

3)Control System: Full Auto

4)Pumps Combination: Mechanical Pumps + Roots Pumps + Diffusion Pump

5)Heating Temperature: 0-250 Degree Celsius

6)Arc Source Size: Diameter100mm x Thickness40mm

7)Arc Source Power Supply Current Value: 200A

8)Cooling Method: Indirect Cooling

JXS Service

1)Free Samples PVD coating

2)14 Days Free Installation And Training

3)Free Pre-Sales Technical Consult

4)Spare Parts & Consumables(Targets, Gauges, etc.) Providing

5)1 Year Warranty

6)Lifetime Techanical Support

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