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China Stainless Steel Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment

Physical vapor deposition(PVD), vacuum plating machine for stainless steel, coating color has golden, rose gold, silver, blue, gray, black, rainbow, green and purple.
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Product Description

Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment


Main Configuration

Vacuum Chamber Material: Stainless Steel

Structure: Vertical Single Door

Control System: Full Automatic

Operation Way: Touch Screen

Pump Group: Rotary Vane Pump+Roots Pump+Diffusion Pump

Pump Brand: China

PLC Brand: Mitsubishi

Chamber Cooling Way: Indirect Cooling

Heating System: 1 Set

Rotation Stand: 1 Set

Arc Source Size: Diameter100mm x Thickness40mm

Arc Source Power Supply: 200A

Bias Power Supply: 1 Set

Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment Feature

I)Safe For Human With Auto Cutting Off Water Electricity

II)Full Auto Control System For Convenient Operation

III)High Energy Efficiency With Multi Arc

IV)Green Process Without Waste Gas Water Material

PVD Samples

门合页PVD-coated-sample-6Titanium-Colibri-Toothed-Forceps-ophthalmic-surgical-instrument餐具 (2)黑色勺子1

PVD Samples Advantage

I)Strong Adhesion Film For Longer Using Life

II)Decorative Coating Colors For Higher Selling Value

Business Condition

I)Lead Time: 70 Working Days

II)Payment Terms: TT, LC

III)Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF

Why Choose JXS Vacuum?

I)1 Year Warranty

II)14 Days Free Installation & Training

III)Custom Made PVD Equipment

IV)Whole PVD Plant Building Turnkey Project

V)Lifetime Technical Support

VI)Providing PVD Equipment Consumables & Spare Parts

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