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Hardware Cutlery Faucet Small PVD Coating Machine For Sale

Cathodic arc PVD coating technology, good for metal items decorative coating.
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Product Description

PVD Products Advantages

I)Decorative Coating Colors For Higher Selling Value & Decoration

II)Strong Adhesion Film For Longer Using Life

PVD Products

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PVD Coating Colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Blue, Gray, Black, Rainbow, Green, Purple.

Small PVD Coating Machine


PVD Coating Machine Features: High Energy Efficiency; Convenient Operation; Safe; Environmental Friendly.

Main Configuration

Chamber Material: Stainless Steel

Structure: Vertical Single Door

Chamber Cooling: Indirect Cooling

Control System: Full Automatic

Operation: Touch Screen

Pumps: Rotary Vane Pump+Roots Pump+Diffusion Pump

Pump Brands: Chinese

PLC Brand: Mitsubishi

Rotation Stand: 1 Set

Heating System: 1 Set

Arc Source Size: Diameter100mm x Thickness40mm

Arc Source Power Supply: 200A

Bias Power Supply: 1 Set

Why JXS Vacuum?

I)1 Year Warranty

II)14 Days Free Installation & Training

III)Providing PVD Coating Machine Consumables & Spare Parts

IV)Custom Made PVD Coating Machine Configuration

V)Whole PVD Coating Factory Building Turnkey Project

VI)Life Time Technical Support

Commercial Details

I)Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF.

II)Payment Terms: TT, LC.

III)Lead Time: 60 Working Days.

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