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ITO Indium Tin Oxide Magnetron Sputtering Coating Line

DC magnetron sputtering, continuous line, full automatic control system, to coat ITO film.
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Product Description

Technical Parameters

Vacuum Chamber: 304 stainless steel, vertical structure, outer wall with cooling water, all vacuum chambers with annealing treatment.

Vacuum System: turbo pump.

Coating System: DC magnetron sputtering power supply, ring control system, advanced plane sputtering cathode.

Baking System: stainless steel tubular heater is matched with soaking plate to ensure uniform heating to substrate.

Inflation System: high precision gas mass flow meter and uniform gas distribution device.

Electrical Control System: engineering machine and PLC automatic control, install full automatic control software, 15 inch color touch screen control interface.

Water Cooling System: vacuum chamber cooling, cathode target cooling, water pressure & water flow protection switch.


Production Process: firstly, target material is put into vacuum chamber, then vacuum chamber is pumped into certain vacuum state, argon gas is injected into chamber, and cooling water is connected to outer wall. In coating system, sputtering atoms from target material are deposited on substrate to form a film, and substrate is heated uniformly. After coating, substrate is cooled by water cooling system.


Feature of Production Line

1)Automatic production process, continuous.

2)Heating temperature of substrate can reach up to 350, and temperature can be controlled in different region chambers.

3)Stainless steel 304 vacuum chamber, inner wall is polished, and outer wall is painted after polishing.

4)Independent valves are used to separate vacuum chambers, and panel valve can effectively block and stabilize process gas.

5)Transmission adopts magnetic guidance to ensure rotational stability. Speed of each section of whole production line is driven by variable frequency speed regulating motor, and running speed can be adjusted.

6)Touch screen and PLC automatic control, man-machine dialogue mode to achieve data display, operation and control.


Applications: liquid crystal display(LCD), solar cells, microelectronics ITO conductive film glass, optoelectronics and various optical fields.



ITO conductive film refers to a high-tech product obtained by sputtering a transparent indium tin oxide (ITO) conductive thin film on a transparent organic thin film material and subjecting to high temperature annealing. ITO thin film could be coated by evaporation, sputtering, reactive ion plating, chemical vapor deposition, pyrolysis spraying, etc., but the most popular method is reactive magnetron sputtering. Different ITO film thickness, different conductivity and light transmission of film. Generally speaking, in the case of PET substrate materials with the same process condition and performance, the thicker ITO film layer, the smaller surface resistance of PET-ITO film, and correspondingly the smaller light transmittance.

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