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Low-E Glass Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating Line

This production line is to coat high quality monolayer, multi layers of metal film or color film, LOW-E film on large area glass plate with good adhesion, good uniformity, good repeatability; It is widely used in low-e film, sunlight control film, heat reflection and heat insulation glass, large area aluminum mirror such large quantities and high quality coating occasions.
This production line incorporates loading, cleaning, baking, coating, protective paint showering, baking, unloading.
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Product Description

Main Features:

1)Not only to produce high quality aluminum mirror, but also heat reflection & heat insulation glass to meet the different needs, different areas, different customers;

2)Our company imported DC sputtering rotation target technology from Germany Leybold. Uniformity of film layer and utilization rate of target material are better than other sputtering methods.

3)Working Type: Horizontal, full automatic semi-continuous production; Substrates from one side to another side, coating and film protection(protective paint showering) baking completes at one time. Save labor and save time, which greatly reduces production cost;

4)High stability magnetron sputtering power supply and high precision gas mass flow meter to ensure uniform coating parameters, uniform film thickness and strong adhesion.

Main Technical Parameters

Ultimate Vacuum(Cold Clean Vacuum Chamber Within 12 Hours)


Coating Moving Speed

0.5~6m/min(Frequency Control)

Coating Substrate Dimensions

Max: 3660x2440x(5-12)mm

Min: 1000x600x(5-12)mm

Working Cycle

Single Film About 40sec/piece, Low-E & Color Film is according to recipe

Total Power

About 1420kW

Cylinder Target Quantity

8 Pieces

DC Magnetron Power Supply

120kW/8 Pieces

Working Gas


Note: Above parameters are for reference only. Custom made is according to specific requirements.

Low-E Glass

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