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One Stop Service Stainless Steel Furniture PVD Coating Systems

Multi arc ion PVD coating, vertical loading structure, full auto touch screen control system.
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Product Description

One Stop Service Stainless Steel Furniture PVD Coating Systems

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PVD Coating Systems Main Parameters

Vacuum Chamber Size Diameter2300mm x Height4500mm
Vacuum Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Structure Vertical Loading
Pump Group Rotary Vane Pump+Roots Pump+Diffusion Pump
Pump Brand China
Control System Full Auto
Operation Way Touch Screen
PVD Coating Technology Cathodic Arc
Arc Target Size Diameter100mm x Thickness40mm
Arc Power Supply 200A
Bias Power Supply 1 Set

PVD Coating Systems Accessory Equipment: Oven, Water Tower, Water Pump, Air Compressor.

PVD Furniture


PVD Furniture Colors: Golden, Rose Gold, Gray, Black.

After PVD coating, PVD furniture has longer using life, higher selling value and nice viewing feeling.


1)How long for each coating cycle?

15-30 minutes.

2)Can we custom made PVD coating chamber size?


3)Except furniture, can we coat other large hardwares, like sheet and logo?


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