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PVD Coating Process

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PVD Coating Process

PVD means physical vapor deposition, which is total 2 main steps, pumping and coating. To get PVD film, we will need PVD coating machine.

3 main parts of PVD machine is vacuum chamber, vacuum pump and electrical cabinet.

In here, we take decorative cathodic arc PVD machine as an example. Firstly, we will use vacuum pump to pumping vacuum chamber into high vacuum status(Usually 10-3Pa), then start coating. As for PVD coating, we usually use high current arc source to heat up titanium target into ion particles, then inflate into different gas(Ar, N2, C2H2, O2) to react to get our needed color.

PVD coating finish products could be found in our daily life, such as jewelry, tableware, kitchenware, etc. Therefore, PVD coating can decorate our living life. What’s more, in drill tools and milling cutter such cutting tools, high hardness and low friction coefficient will be brought by PVD coating. Strong film adhesion with longer using life is another advantage of PVD coating process.

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