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Vertical Double Doors Plastic Cosmetic Cap Vacuum Metallizing Machine

Vertical double front open doors, custom made vacuum chamber inner size, thermal evaporation working theory.
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Product Description

Vertical Double Doors Plastic Cosmetic Cap Vacuum Metallizing Machine


Main Technical Parameters List

Vacuum Chamber Inner Size Custom Made
Vacuum Chamber Material Stainless Steel Or Carbon Steel
Pump Group Mechanical Pump+Roots Pump+Diffusion Pump
Pump Brand Chinese
Working Theory Thermal Evaporation
Structure Vertical Double Front Open Doors
Evaporation Source 2 Sets
Evaporation Power Supply 1 Set
Rotation Stand 2 Sets
Guarantee Period 1 Year

Plastic cosmetic cap vacuum metallizing machine is applying vertical 2 front doors structure for high vacuum metallizing efficiency. Diffusion pump+roots pump+mechanical pump combines as vacuum pumping system. 2 sets of evaporation source and 1 set of evaporation power supply will do vacuum metallizing job.

Other Accessory Equipment: Water Tower, Water Pump, Air Compressor, Spray Gun, Water Curtain Cabinet, Oven.

Vacuum Metallizing Cosmetic Cap

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After vacuum metallizing, plastic cosmetic cap will show metallic effect. Regular vacuum metallizing color has silver, gold, rose gold, blue, gray, green, pink, red, purple, etc. Whole process needs consumable like base oil paint, finish oil paint, pigment, aluminum wire.

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