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What is PVD?

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What is PVD?

         PVD means physical vapor deposition, which is one kind of surface treatment, also called vacuum plating. Such surface treatment will make our products(flatware, ceramic tile, furniture, etc.) last longer time, more beautiful and with strong film adhesion. 

         PVD coating mainly includes multi arc(cathodic arc), magnetron sputtering and thermal evaporation. 

         Multi arc is using high current arc source to heat metal targets into ion, then react with different gases(Ar, N2, C2H2, O2) to deposit on products surface. 

         Different from multi arc, magnetron sputtering energy is offered by magnetic field and Ar gas ion, by bombarding from Ar gas and metal targets, more ions will be created, then react to deposit. 

         Compare to above 2 types, thermal evaporation is more simple to understand. It is just using tungsten wire to heat aluminum wire(nickel chrome wire, red copper wire, tin wire, indium wire, etc.) into atom to deposit.

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